strawberry bubble bath scoops - wandering pines cottage
strawberry bath scoops - wandering pines cottage
Strawberry Bubble Bath Scoops
bubble bath strawberry - wandering pines cottage

Strawberry Bubble Bath Scoops

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Fragrance Description :  

Strawberry smells just like fresh strawberries 

Product Description : 

Your bubble scoops are created and made by me here in Wandering Pines Cottage.  Each ingredient was carefully researched and chosen to make a high quality bath bomb that your skin will love.  Each bath bomb is shrink wrapped and labeled.

Your water will turn colors with the bath bombs.  Don't worry!  I use an ingredient that makes it so it doesn't stain your tub.  It is possible that it will stick to your tub if your tub isn't clean and has residue on it. It should wipe off easily.

Weight and Size :

 Approx.  1 oz / 30 grams each

you will receive 4 packaged in this cute ice cream container.

How to Use :

 Each scoop is big enough for 1 bath. You can cut them in half if you'd like.  The amount of bubbles will vary depending on your type of water.

Use in a warm bath using a strainer or mesh bag under the running water.  if you have jets in your tub, it will make a TON of bubbles.  The more you agitate the water, the more bubbles you'll get.  This is not like a bath bomb and will not create bubbles if you just drop it in the water.

Ingredients : 

Sodium Bicarbonate, Cream of Tartar, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, Decyl Glucoside, Fragrance, Yellow 6 Lake

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